Commercial HVAC Experts Serving Elizabethtown PA and the Surrounding Area

No matter what line of business you’re in, a properly functioning HVAC system is essential to keeping your clients comfortable and your employees productive. Home Climates is proud to offer commercial HVAC service to businesses in Lancaster, Harrisburg, Hershey and throughout the central PA area.

Trust our team with all of your commercial HVAC needs, including repairs, maintenance and new system installations. From standard heating and air conditioning to meeting the complex HVAC requirements of grocery stores, manufacturing facilities and other specialized businesses, we are able to provide superior service at a price that respects your bottom line.

Convenient HVAC Repairs That Wont Disrupt Your Business

Home Climates is not part of a chain or franchise – we’re a local, independent business that has built its reputation on superior customer service. We know and appreciate the needs of our commercial clients better than any other HVAC company.

We can arrange HVAC repairs and maintenance calls at your convenience to minimize the disruption to your clients or employees. Our technicians work quickly and quietly so you can continue business as usual while work is in progress.

Emergency Service That Gets You Back up and Running Quickly

When a critical component of your commercial HVAC fails, Elizabethtown’s Home Climates can provide around-the-clock emergency repairs. Our technicians are on call and ready to respond to emergencies as they happen. Fast interventions for commercial HVAC emergencies are important, not only to keep your business running, but also to minimize damage to your inventory. Call our team first for service that respects your needs.

Preventative Commercial HVAC Service That Saves You Money

Proper maintenance is critical to ensuring your commercial HVAC system will deliver efficient performance for years to come. Home Climates can help you assess your service needs and develop a maintenance plan that works for you.

Call Today for Commercial HVAC Service in Elizabethtown and Beyond

Home Climates is available for commercial HVAC service in Mount Joy, Lititz, Lancaster and anywhere else in the central PA region. Our expertise covers all commercial HVAC systems and can keep your office, warehouse or manufacturing facility running its best all year long. Contact us today for immediate assistance with all of your service and installation needs.