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Commercial VRF HVAC Systems in Elizabethtown PA & Surrounding Areas

Are you searching for a state-of-the-art HVAC system to provide reliable climate control for your commercial location? Whatever kind of space you work in, the right heating and cooling components are essential to creating a comfortable environment for employees and customers — but you also want to make sure your system is cost-effective. When you’re looking for a high-quality, energy-saving solution, VRF HVAC technology will provide the best results for any commercial space.

What Is a Commercial VRF System?

Before you book your commercial VRF installation, you probably want to know all about how VRF systems work and what they have to offer.

Introduced to the U.S. in the early 2000s, VRF — or “variable refrigerant flow” — has been in use around the world for more than 30 years. Beginning in Asia and expanding to Europe, system installations are now becoming increasingly popular in America, especially in urban and commercial spaces.

Traditional HVAC systems operate by pumping air from a large central unit to an entire building space through ducts. These can be bulky and noisy and are generally not well targeted to climate-control each area efficiently. Even residential ductless systems, which connect an outdoor unit to an indoor unit, are only capable of heating or cooling one specific area.

Eliminating the limitations of other HVAC systems and operating efficiently, VRF HVAC technology is a large-scale system that services multiple areas of a building. Using refrigerant for both heating and cooling purposes, commercial VRF consists of several indoor units, which operate across a building’s “zones,” to provide the right airflow and temperature in every area. With this design, each unit can be individually controlled while still being part of one large system. The result is a high-capacity, intelligent system that meets the specific needs of your space.

Benefits of a VRF HVAC System for Business

In addition to their intelligent design and versatility, VRF systems provide a variety of benefits for your building or business in Central PA. See the superiority of their:

  • Simultaneous heating and cooling: Different parts of your building have different heating and cooling needs — so why not install a system that meets them? While a traditional HVAC duct system can only mass-circulate one type of flow at a time, VRF is able to cool and heat different rooms or zones at the same time. This means temperature settings can be adjusted and optimized based on personal preferences or specific zone needs. No more cold and hot spots — everyone in the building can enjoy constant comfort with this integrated ductless system.
  • Minimal ductwork: Because they operate with ductless refrigerant technology, commercial VRF systems are simple to install, space-saving and much less invasive to set up. Plus, you won’t have to worry about setting up furniture to avoid vents or sitting directly under an air duct. These systems are virtually seamless.
  • Quiet operation: Unlike older, noisier HVAC technology systems, VRF systems run at a low volume, making them extremely quiet and unintrusive. Your central heating or cooling will no longer howl like the wind or bump disruptively. In fact, you’ll barely notice it’s on.
  • Energy efficiency: When you want to reduce your environmental footprint, VRF systems are a smart way to save energy. Because VRF systems are designed to intelligently supply just the right amount of refrigerant to heat or cool a specific room, they run less often and at a lower capacity. This kind of system can also capture heat during the cooling process and channel it to other areas in the building — conserving energy all around.

VRF System Installation in and Around Elizabethtown, PA

Are you ready to see the benefits of a VRF system in your own commercial space? Specializing in commercial HVAC installations and repairs in central PA, Home Climates is your source for reliable installation.

With low prices and professional experience in ductless installations and repairs, we offer quality you can count on for your business needs and your comfort. Contact us today to talk about a VRF system for your Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Hershey or Lancaster business.

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