7 Tips to Help You Stay Cool This Summer

man drinks bottled water on a hot dayDuring the lazy, hazy days of summer, both the outdoor temperatures and humidity levels can soar. While beautiful, sunny days are always appreciated, it can be difficult sometimes to stay cool. At the least, the heat can cause people to feel uncomfortable, hot, and sticky, but it can also lead to health concerns, such as increase in body temperature and dehydration. That’s why staying cool during days of high heat is so important.

Fortunately, there are a few measures you can take to stay cool, comfortable, and healthy, even when the heat is at its worst. In this article, we’ll share some practical tips from the CDC to help you keep your cool, no matter how hot it gets outside. Keep reading to learn more!

Follow these seven tips for better comfort during the heat.

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  1. Wear cool, breathable fabrics in lighter colors. Cotton fabrics are a great choice on hot summer days, because natural fibers hold less heat than polyester type materials. Lighter colors also reflect the heat rather than absorbing it.
  2. Take in more fluids than usual. Water is the best choice for staying hydrated, but sports drinks and popsicles are good for keeping those fluid levels up, too. Try to avoid too much alcohol or caffeine though, which can dehydrate you even more. 
  3. If you can, avoid being outside midday. This is when the sun is at its highest and hottest. Try to spend this part of the day in a cool, air-conditioned environment. If you must be outside, take frequent breaks from activity and drink plenty of water.
  4. If you feel overly warm, take a cool – not cold – bath or shower. If you take a very cold shower, your body will try to warm itself up, which may make you feel hotter than you did in the first place!
  5. Don’t leave children or pets in the car. Vehicles heat up very quickly, and the interior can heat up to 43 degrees higher than the outdoor temperatures. So, on a 100ºF day, your vehicle’s interior will likely be 140ºF-plus – and that’s a dangerous temperature.
  6. Consider dehumidification for your home. If the weather is especially humid, and you notice that your home is damp, clammy, and uncomfortable, dehumidification can help. Humid air tends to hold more heat, so you’ll likely feel cooler when you dehumidify!
  7. Make sure your air conditioning system is operating properly. Annual maintenance can help ensure that your AC unit is working as it should. Make sure to check the filter regularly and change it if it’s dirty, as this can minimize your equipment’s performance.

Not sure your AC system is working effectively and efficiently? We can help.

Nobody wants to be without effective air conditioning, especially during a heat wave. That’s where Home Climates comes in. We’ll make sure your AC system is working at its best, and if it isn’t, we’ll provide the needed repairs. Or, if you need an old air conditioner replaced or have been considering room-to-room options like ductless, we can help with that, too! Not to mention, we can install quality dehumidifiers in your home, to help keep moisture at bay.

At Home Climates, your family’s comfort – and safety – is always our top priority. When you need air conditioning maintenance, repair, or installation, or if you’re considering dehumidification, we’re ready to assist you. Just give us a call at 717.689.4151, and we’ll be happy to help.


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