Ductless Heat Pumps Provide Year-Round Comfort

A clean modern living room with a ductless unit.When it comes time for people to replace an old, inefficient electric heating system in their home, they may feel like they don’t have a lot of options. Electric baseboard heat can be less than ideal, especially in homes where pets or children are present. It is often costly, and because usually there is no ductwork in homes with baseboard heat, homeowners have to rely on window air conditioners to cool their homes down in the summer.

Fortunately, there are options available to homeowners who are looking to replace an electric heating system, and one of the very best of those options is a ductless heat pump system. What makes a ductless heat pump system the right choice for homes where adding ductwork is impossible or impractical? And how can ductless help solve both heating and cooling concerns? Keep reading to learn more!

Ductless heat pump systems operate without ductwork.

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As we mentioned above, most people who are looking to replace an old electric baseboard heating system in their home do not have ductwork. And, adding it can be a major expense, not to mention require messy construction. In some homes, because of lack of space, adding ductwork may not even be an option. But ductless heat pump systems are just what their name implies, and do not need ductwork in order to operate. In fact, they are installed using only a small diameter hole that links the indoor and outdoor unit, so there is little construction needed – and much less mess.

Ductless systems can provide you with heating in the winter and AC in the summer.

One of the biggest advantages of a ductless heat pump system is that it can provide you with heating during the winter months, and cooling in the summer. That’s because they operate by removing heat from the air and exhausting it either inside or outside your home. Even when the temperature outside is cold, there is still heat and energy present in the air that a heat pump is able to extract. So in the winter, your ductless heat pump system will draw this heat from the outdoor air and bring it inside, and then in the summer will do the opposite.

Ductless heating and cooling systems offer incredible efficiency.

Ductless heat pump systems provide homeowners with incredible energy efficiency. According to ENERGY STAR, a ductless system can cut heating costs by 60 percent when compared to standard electric-based heating systems, and can cut cooling costs by 30 percent in comparison to conventional room air conditioners.

Ductless is available in a number of configurations.

Whether you have an addition or converted area of your home that’s currently using electric baseboard heat, or you have electric heating throughout your entire home, you can find a ductless heat pump configuration that’s right for you. Single and multiple unit systems are available and either can greatly benefit your home, depending on your needs. Because one unit will be installed in each room or zone in your house, it’s easy to control the comfort level throughout your home as well.

Where can I get a ductless heat pump system for my home?

Getting ductless heating and cooling is as easy as calling Home Climates. We’re ready to help you get the ductless you need, so you and your family will be able to enjoy improved home comfort and better energy efficiency, all year long. Just give us a call at 717.689.4151, and we’ll be happy to discuss ductless heat pump systems with you and schedule an appointment.



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