Effects of Not Servicing Your HVAC Unit

6 effects of not servicing your hvac unit

6 Effects of Not Servicing Your HVAC Unit

You rely on your HVAC unit for comfort during the hot summer months. An air-conditioned home is one of life’s pleasures, especially during the hottest central Pennsylvania days. You could enjoy your air conditioner for months or even years without any regular upkeep. But one day, when you need it most, you could discover something’s wrong with your AC unit.

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Many homeowners have asked us at Home Climates, “Do air conditioners need servicing?” Yes, AC maintenance is necessary for a long-lasting, effective air conditioning unit. The effects of not servicing your HVAC unit could be dire. Read on to learn six critical consequences of neglecting your HVAC unit.

1. Higher Utility Bills

When homeowners wonder what happens without regular AC maintenance, the first thing they should know is that their utility bills will increase. A healthy air conditioner will have no trouble cooling your home and reducing energy consumption. But without adequate maintenance, that AC unit will need to work extra hard to provide the same cooling effects.

There could be many reasons for this, and it usually takes a professional inspection to reveal the issue. If you notice an unusual increase in your monthly bills after using your air conditioning, it might be time for some maintenance. Even a simple cleaning can help improve your HVAC unit’s energy efficiency.

2. Low-Quality Indoor Air

Your HVAC unit does more than keep your house comfortable and cool during warm weather. It traps and removes contaminants and odors, keeping your indoor air healthy to breathe. Indoor air quality is especially crucial if anyone in your home has asthma, severe allergies or other issues that dirty air could exacerbate.

One way your HVAC unit keeps your indoor air clean is by bringing outdoor air into your home. It helps dilute the contaminants in the air and forces them out of the house through positive pressure. That way, the clean, filtered air from your AC stays in, and the dusty, polluted air stays out. If your AC unit has a clogged filter or faulty air intake system, it may not provide any of these benefits to your home.

hvac noises should operate unnoticed in the background

3. Loud Noises

A healthy HVAC unit should run smoothly and silently. It’s normal to hear a slight hum when the AC kicks on, but otherwise, your HVAC system should operate unnoticed in the background as you go about your day’s activities.

Without proper maintenance, you may start noticing loud or distracting noises coming from your HVAC unit. When you call a professional to solve the problem, you could be in for a costly repair. Keeping your AC maintained can help avoid this issue and keep your air conditioner running the way it should.

4. Breakdown of Moving Parts

The nature of mechanical equipment is to break down without adequate maintenance. Like your car, an AC unit requires regular tune-ups to keep it from experiencing errors that can prohibit its proper functioning.

Your HVAC unit has many moving parts that help it take in outdoor air, cool the air and blow it into your home. And the more you use your AC, the higher chance it has of experiencing a malfunction with its moving parts. If you have your AC on all day during the hot Pennsylvania summers, you should make regular maintenance for your HVAC unit part of your routine.

5. Poor Cooling Ability

There’s nothing more frustrating than being sweaty and uncomfortable inside your home, especially during the hottest days of the year. Sometimes, opening windows and turning on fans won’t cut it. You installed your AC system to experience refreshing comfort when the sun is beating down outside.

When you neglect to maintain your HVAC unit, there could come a day when cold air stops coming out of your vents. Then, you’ll be scrambling for a technician to make things right again. If indoor comfort is essential in your home, keep your HVAC unit maintained to avoid interruptions in your home’s cooling.

6. More Frequent and Expensive Repairs

Many homeowners avoid maintaining their HVAC to save money in the short term. They figure they’ll have to repair their HVAC unit eventually anyway. Why not save money now to prepare for that expense down the road?

Proactive homeowners know they can save money in the future by paying for HVAC maintenance now. The price of regular maintenance can reduce or eliminate your risk of costlier, more challenging repairs. Think of it as an investment. At the end of your HVAC unit’s lifespan, you’ll come out on top, since you limited your expensive service calls throughout the years. A few dollars in maintenance now can keep the frequent, pricey repair bills away.

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How Often Should You Get Your HVAC Serviced?

After realizing the potential consequences of not servicing their AC units, many people wonder how often to get HVAC maintenance. Is it necessary to service your HVAC every year?

To keep the costly repairs at bay, we recommend scheduling annual services before summer starts for your AC system and annual services before winter starts for your heating system. Doing so ensures you have a functioning HVAC unit for both temperature extremes while also avoiding extra damage from running a faulty HVAC unit. For people who rely on their air conditioner year-round, we encourage two tune-ups and inspections per year. These service appointments can occur in late spring and again in early fall. This maintenance schedule will help you have a working AC unit year-round and catch any problems that developed during the hot season.

AC units could last anywhere from 10 to 20 years, but this number varies depending on usage and the amount of maintenance the unit receives. Your air conditioner’s lifespan could be far shorter if you neglect regular maintenance. Call the right professionals to come out to your home and keep your HVAC unit healthy and functional.