Guide to Water Heater Maintenance

Readily available hot water is one of the great gifts of modern life. After a long day on the job, is there anything more welcome than a hot shower? The water seems to carry away stress, and many people stand in the shower for minutes while the hot water flows over them. For more information, […]

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Cost Savings Associated With Routine HVAC Maintenance

What are the Benefits of a Heating/Cooling System Tune-Up? The two main benefits of cooling and heating tune-ups include preventing sudden breakdowns and saving you money on an ongoing basis. Regular tune-ups ensure your home HVAC systems are running as efficiently as possible. The cumulative effect of taking care of little things — like tightening […]

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Benefits of Having Soft Water

If you’ve ever heard anyone mentioning the terms “hard water” and “soft water,” you might be confused. After all, it’s all just water. How can it be hard or soft? Is there a difference between hard and soft water anyway? For more information, Call or click here: 717-689-4151 Contact Us These are terrific questions, and […]

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What Is the Cost of Oil to Gas Conversion in Pennsylvania?

Make the switch, or find out more! Call or click here: 717-689-4151 Contact Us If you are considering switching to natural gas, you probably already know that heating your home with gas can lower your heating costs and increase the energy efficiency of your home — while also supporting U.S. energy production and reducing your […]

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Earn Valuable PA Tax Credits With a New Geothermal Installation

There’s no shortage of compelling reasons why a geothermal heat pump makes a great addition to your home HVAC system. While the initial installation costs can be prohibitive for many homeowners, federal tax credits are available to offset this expense and provide a faster return on your investment. In fact, some homes have been able […]

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What Size Water Heater Do I Need? How to Choose a New Water Heater

Does your water heater go unnoticed? In an ideal situation, when it’s functioning well, that’s what happens. Unlike our stoves and washing machines, we don’t need to physically view and operate the hot water heater to experience its benefits. Although hot water is an essential part of our year-round home comfort, we have little reason […]

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