New Construction HVAC Services

New Construction HVAC Services in Elizabethtown & Central PA

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As a full-service HVAC provider for Elizabethtown, PA and throughout the region, Home Climates handles residential and light commercial construction projects. If you’re a construction manager, contractor or builder looking for a partner to install heating and cooling units, you’ve come to the right place. Our experienced team has the expertise to efficiently handle your needs, whether you’re building a development of single-family homes, an apartment complex, condominiums, commercial offices or any other large new construction project.

Air Conditioning Services for New Construction

From split-level AC units to central air systems, Home Climates offers a variety of options based on your unique requirements. We provide custom system design services that are energy efficient and effective at keeping interior spaces cool and comfortable during the hottest and most humid times of year. From Energy Star-certified A/C products to geothermal systems, the units we install represent an eco-friendly solution that lowers utility bills.

AC units in new construction projects — installed by Home Climates — come with the added benefit of working with a comprehensive service provider. In addition to installing complete air conditioning systems, we are experts in AC service and repair.



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Benefits of choosing Home Climates as your commercial AC provider include:

  • Latest Air Conditioner Technology — We eliminate inefficient systems with central AC and individual room solutions that keep things cool without ballooning utility bills.
  • Efficient Ductless Systems — Consisting of a main compressor unit that’s installed on the outside of the building, ductless systems reduce installation costs while dramatically lowering energy loss.
  • Eco-Friendly — Geothermal provides a system that uses recycled energy from the earth to cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It can also be configured to provide a low or no-cost hot water source.
  • Intelligent Thermostats — Nest products introduce smart technology to the HVAC system. With “intelligent thermostats,” users can control temperatures and program their system via Wi-Fi.

New Construction Heating Installation

Whether you’re building an office complex, residential development, apartments, condos or any other construction project, it pays to have a local HVAC provider you can trust. Home Climates is known in Harrisburg, PA and the surrounding areas for delivering top quality products and services at competitive prices. If you are looking for a partner to install furnaces or complete heating systems for new construction, we have the experience, dedication and broad capabilities to tackle projects of any size.

New Furnaces and Commercial Heating Systems

Home Climates provides the expertise and attention to detail on the job you won’t experience from bigger HVAC chains. We specialize in designing cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our range of commercial heating services includes:

  • Expert furnace installation — Our crews are composed of skilled professionals who are focused on making the process of installing heating equipment as seamless as possible.
  • Ductless heating systems — We offer cost-effective installation solutions including ductless systems that reduce building costs and improve heating efficiency.
  • Geothermal heat pumps — Harness natural energy directly from the earth to heat properties. Geothermal not reduces fuel expenses and provides free or low-cost hot water. It also reduces the carbon footprint for a greener, more environmentally sustainable project.
  • Intelligent thermostats — Our Nest heating products are designed to integrate with the latest technology, so users can control internal temperatures via a web-enabled device. Smart technology is easy to use and provides more precise control over furnaces and program systems to use minimal energy.

As an experienced commercial heating supplier for new construction projects, we install heating systems for everything from retail stores, office buildings and healthcare facilities to school dormitories and apartment complexes. We’ll provide the support necessary to complete your job on time and within budget, regardless of your project specifics.

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Home Climates is known throughout Central PA and areas beyond for delivering over-the-top quality and service at a fair price. Whether you’re putting an addition on a home or developing a large residential community, our experience and expertise will get the job done right.

We ensure your construction projects meet the highest quality standards in heating and air conditioning. From fast and efficient installations to a complete range of heating options that represent the latest technology, we’re a local provider with world-class capabilities. Whether you have a small residential project or are developing a large commercial property, there’s no HVAC job we can’t handle.

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Home Climates provides an attentive and personalized service, which the bigger national chains can’t match. When you partner with us, our dedicated and professional employees will guide your project from conception through completion. From fair up-front pricing to a deep commitment to your complete satisfaction, we’re a wise choice for new construction hvac installation in the region.

Why Choose Home Climates for HVAC New Construction Services

  • 10 year parts & up to 5 year labor warranty on residential system installs
  • New Homeowner Orientation walkthroughs of system features
  • We take care of all warranty registrations for our installs
  • Offer system upgrade options and benefits

Commercial Project Experience

  • Paradise Springs Winery in Clifton, Virginia
  • Faith Outreach Church in Mount Joy, PA
  • Cornerstone Community Ministries in Elizabethtown, PA

Residential Community Construction Project Experience

  • Sassafrass Terrace Apartments
  • Apartments at Kissel Hill
  • Apartments in Akron
  • Fox Ridge Townhomes & Apartments
  • Woodlands Townhomes
  • Chestnut Valley Homes
  • Many single-family homes ranging from entry-level to multi-million dollar residences

Trust the experts at Home Climates with your next construction project, call today!

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