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Disclaimer: Up to $2600 savings available with purchase and installation of select systems only. Restrictions may apply. Ask dealers for details. Includes $900 Amana Instant Rebate, $500 UGI Rebate and up to $1200 in federal tax credits. Federal tax credits available through the Inflation Reduction Act for those who qualify on select systems. Visit irs.gov for more information.

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Save up to $2000 on a Ductless Mini-Split

Disclaimer: Savings available with purchase and installation of select ductless systems only. Restrictions may apply. Ask dealers for details. Up to $2000 in federal tax credits available through the Inflation Reduction Act for those who qualify on select systems. Visit irs.gov for more information.

Daikin Mini Split Wall Unit

heat pump installed outside homeIf you’re in the market for a new heating or cooling system for your home, then you may have heard about heat pumps. Heat pumps are becoming more and more popular in Elizabethtown and central PA due to their ability to provide high-efficiency heating and cooling all in one package. A heat pump can be installed to work with a home’s existing ducts, or it can be matched with indoor ductless units for targeted heating or cooling in any area of your home.

At Home Climates, our expert technicians have installed many heat pumps throughout central Pennsylvania. Our team knows what systems work best in our climate and the energy savings you can expect if upgrading from an older, less efficient HVAC system. Because of the energy-efficiency offered by heat pumps, the government sometimes even offers incentives for new installations – ask us about any current offers. Contact us today and let us match you with the heat pump that meets your home heating and/or cooling needs in Elizabethtown and beyond!


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Home Climates is Your Source For Quality Heat Pump Installation in Central PA

Homeowners and residents throughout Elizabethtown and central PA recognize Home Climates as a local HVAC company that conducts business with integrity. When you call us for a quote or to schedule a heat pump installation or replacement, you’ll receive:

  • Prompt attention from knowledgeable representatives
  • Extremely accurate no-obligation, on-site estimates
  • Reliable service by professional technicians
  • Fair market prices with no added or surprise fees
  • Heat pump installation follow-up and comprehensive ongoing support

Convenient Follow-Up Service On New Heat Pump Installations

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After we’ve completed your new heat pump installation or replacement, you can expect us to keep delivering excellent service. Upon installation of your new heat pump, we’ll go over in detail all the features of your new heat pump system, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask our technician any questions you may have.

In the unlikely event that your new heat pump breaks down during the first year of installation, you’ll receive free priority service within 24 hours. We also offer free service for any breakdowns or issues within the first 5 years. Our commitment to our customers and confidence in our products is just another way Home Climates sets itself apart from other HVAC contractors.

Why work with us?

  • We give our customers a 10-year part and a 5-year labor warranty providing you the peace of mind your system will perform the way it’s meant to.
  • Our technicians undergo an extensive background check which lets you know you can feel safe and trust our technician in your home.
  • We offer convenient scheduling and a confirmed arrival within 1-hour of your appointment time. If, for any reason, we are delayed, we’ll promptly communicate this to you, letting you plan your day accordingly.
  • We send you a text and photo alert for your appointment so you know exactly who and when they will be there.
  • We offer emergency service giving you peace of mind. We are your guys and are there for you and your needs.


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At Home Climates, we’ve built our reputation on the quality of our HVAC installations and the experienced, attentive service we offer all our customers. When you’re in the market for a new heat pump installation in Elizabethtown or anywhere else in central PA, call us first — you’ll be glad you did. Fill out this form or call 717-689-4151, and we’ll schedule you an appointment with one of our expert technicians.


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