Furnace Repair on the West Shore, PA

If your furnace is broken or not working efficiently in the middle of a central PA winter, it’s not only frustrating but also potentially dangerous. A properly working furnace is necessary to keep your home warm. Not to mention, it also helps to lower your energy bills. If you think there’s a problem with your furnace, then you should contact Home Climates immediately. Our certified technicians are standing by to help with professional and friendly furnace repair on the West Shore, PA. We service the entire area, including Camp Hill, Lemoyne, Mechanicsburg, New Cumberland, Shiremanstown, Wormleysburg, and more.


Signs Your Furnace Needs Expert Repair

Some homeowners are comfortable regularly changing their furnace filters, but they may not recognize signs that their equipment needs to be repaired. Here are a few indicators to know when it’s time to contact the professional HVAC technicians at Home Climates to service your furnace.

  • Continuously running furnace
  • The furnace isn’t producing any heat
  • You have a sharp increase in your energy bills
  • There’s a banging sound coming from the furnace

This list isn’t exhaustive, so if you’ve noticed something else going on with your furnace, then call us today!

Choose Home Climates for Expert Furnace Repair on the West Shore, PA

We are the experts in heating and cooling in Central PA. Our technicians will always try to repair your furnace before replacing it. However, if your furnace presents a larger problem, we can help you determine whether you may be better off replacing it. When making this determination, we consider the impact on your home comfort and energy bills. We will fully help you understand your options to make an educated decision.

Home Climates is here to service all your heating and cooling needs on the West Shore, PA

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Why Work With Us?

  • We guarantee all of our repairs with a 5-year part and labor warranty providing you the peace of mind your equipment will perform the way it’s meant to.
  • Our technicians undergo an extensive background check which lets you know you can feel safe and trust our technician in your home.
  • We offer convenient scheduling and arrive within 1-hour of your appointment time, letting you plan your day accordingly. If we are running ahead or behind, we contact you to let you know.
  • We send you a text and photo alert for your appointment, so you know exactly who and when they will be there.
  • We offer emergency service giving you peace of mind; we are your guys and are there for you and your needs.

Don’t Delay Your Home’s Furnace Repair.

When you need help with your home’s furnace on the West Shore, call the experts at Home Climates. Fill out this form or call 717-689-4151, and we’ll send one of our technicians to provide a free in-home estimate and get you back to enjoying a climate-controlled home. We service the entire West Shore area, including:

  • New Cumberland
  • Mechanicsburg
  • Lemoyne
  • Camp Hill
  • Wormleysburg
  • Shiremanstown

…and more! View our complete list of service areas

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