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To ensure you have the best and most reliable plumbing services in the Hummelstown area, call the professionals at Home Climates. We specialize in residential plumbing projects, bathroom remodels and heating and cooling repairs and maintenance.

To guarantee our customers in Hummelstown enjoy the best plumbing services, we offer flat-rate upfront pricing, free job estimates and a parts and labor warranty on many of our projects. We’re also here to help answer any plumbing or heating and cooling questions you may have and we pride ourselves on educating all of our customers about their recent installations and services.


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Expert Plumbing Services for Your Hummelstown Home

Whether you’re looking to have a small project completed like a faucet or toilet repair or large tasks like a sump pump or water heater installation, our Home Climates has you covered. Our trustworthy expert plumbers can help you with a variety of your residential plumbing needs to improve your home quickly and affordably.

A basic plumbing service our technicians highly recommend is a regular drain cleaning. Our experts offer free plumbing inspections to guarantee your plumbing system is working efficiently. Regular drain cleanings are so important because everything in your home relies on intricate drain systems to dispose of wastewater and regular blockers like hair, soap and other items can make effective disposal difficult.

Having one of our plumbing experts regularly maintain your drains can help reduce blockages, eliminate smells, keep your home clean and minimize your overall expenses.

Hummelstown Bathroom Remodel Experts

Are you looking to update your bathroom with the latest trends? Keeping your bathroom updated can increase your home’s value, provide the opportunity to make better use of the room’s space and allow you to add energy-saving fixtures.

At Home Climates, we specialize in your home’s small-scale or full bathroom renovation. Our experts can assist you all the way through, saving you time and money, while offering recommendations on the best plumbing products available and ways to optimize the layout and space. We also provide plumbing maintenance plans so your new investment lasts a lifetime with minimal issues in the future.

Water Heater Installation

Being greeted with a cold shower is the worst way to begin the day. Is your water heater busted or is it taking too long for hot water to reach your fixtures? At Home Climates, our expert plumbers can help you with your hot water needs. We offer free project estimates to guarantee you’re experiencing the best service in the Hummelstown, PA, area and can offer product recommendations and detail all of your available options.

A water heater is a non-trivial home investment. We want to ensure you’ve got the best system available. Many install a hot water heater too small for their home, which leads to problems later like running out of hot water, paying too much on monthly heating expenses or decreasing the value of their home. If your water heater breaks, we can guarantee same-day hot water because no one wants to wait for that!

Water Treatment and Water-Softening Services in Hummelstown, PA

If your home has signs of hard water — like scale buildup on your fixtures, residue on your dishes or dry skin — then you should consider having a water softener installed. While hard water may not seem like an immediate problem, it can lead to larger and costlier issues like corrosion reducing the lifespan of fixtures and appliances, driving up your water bill expenses and leaving stains on your sinks and tubs – ultimately leading to early and frequent replacement of fixtures.

When you trust your local Hummelstown professional plumbers, you are guaranteed a quick and reliable water-softening project with superior service and reasonable pricing. We’re also available to answer all of your water softening questions to ensure that you have the best system for your home and say goodbye to itchy skin, dull and faded clothing and embarrassing stains and corrosion on your fixtures.

Trust the Best Hometown Plumbing Professionals in Hummelstown, PA

When you rely on your local Hummelstown, PA, plumbing professionals at Home Climates, we’re you’re guys for guaranteed quick, courteous and cost-effective service. We pride ourselves on offering the best plumbing services in the Hummelstown area and are committed to continuing that. Call us at 717-689-4151 or contact us online if you have plumbing questions, need emergency services, or are looking for a plumbing estimate. We look forward to serving you!

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