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Garbage Disposal Repair, Replacement and Installation in Elizabethtown & Central PA

A faulty garbage disposal can be frustrating. When you need repair or fear you need a garbage disposal replacement in Elizabethtown, Hershey, Lancaster or other Central PA communities, trust the team at Home Climates. We can quickly identify the issues you’re experiencing and make expert recommendations for repair or replacement. To help you make the best possible decision for your garbage disposal and your home, here are signs it’s time to call a professional for assistance.

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5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Garbage Disposal

  • Garbage Disposal Smells: It’s no surprise that a garbage disposal can begin to smell over time. If you have an issue with a smelly garbage disposal, use hot water and diluted dish soap to fill the sink, then engage the garbage disposal – repeating as needed. If this proves ineffective at clearing the smell, get in touch with a service professional who can help.
  • Garbage Disposal Makes Unusual Noise: You know the sound of an effective garbage disposal. If you hear anything unusual when engaging your garbage disposal, check for an object that may be blocking the full motion of the blades. You can also check for loose hardware such as screws or bolts. If you’ve cleared the garbage disposal of anything that’s jamming it, and if all hardware is tight, contact a professional to lend assistance.
  • Garage Disposal Jammed: When a garbage disposal is jammed, the unit turns on, but you only hear a humming sound rather than the spinning of the blades. Explore the area visually by using a flashlight to look for anything that may be jamming the disposal. If your visual inspection turns up nothing, make sure there’s no danger of the unit engaging and then reach in to feel around the disposal blades. Loosening and rotating the blades often helps remove any utensil or other item that’s jamming the system. If this doesn’t work, call a professional for advanced troubleshooting.
  • Garbage Disposal Completely Inoperable: First, make sure your garbage disposal is getting power. If the power is connected but the disposal does not respond when the switch is flipped, you can try resetting the system – there’s often a reset button attached to the disposal unit. If after the reset the disposal still does not work, it may have overheated and you may need a full replacement.
  • Garbage Disposal Leaks: When you have a leaking garbage disposal, the culprit is often a cracked or otherwise ineffective rubber gasket. Check this gasket and all other seals in your garbage disposal system. If you’ve inherited a self-installed garbage disposal or if you fear the disposal has been otherwise poorly installed, contact a professional to take a look.

At Home Climates, we offer garbage disposal repair in Harrisburg, Hershey, Elizabethtown, Mount Joy and other Central PA areas. We also deliver garbage disposal installation in Lancaster and throughout the region when it’s time to upgrade to something new. When you need a service visit or if you just have questions about your garbage disposal, contact the team at Home Climates.



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